Sunday 14th April 2024

Tali ke taa ‘ene pepa nofo fonua he ko e talu ‘ene ha’u ‘i hono ta’u 5

NA’E tali ‘e he Immigration and Protection Tribunal ‘a Nu’usila ni ‘a e tangi ‘a e talavou ta’u 26 hili hono ma’u ia ‘oku ‘ova ‘i Nu’usila ni. Ko e talu e  ha’u ‘a e talavou ni ia ki Nu’usila ni ‘i hono ta’u 5 pea ako mo nofo ai pe ‘i Nu’usila ni. Ko hono toki ma’u´ ee pea tupu ai ‘ene tangi ke ‘oange hano faingamalie´.

  Na’e fanau’i pe e talavou ni ‘i Tonga pea ‘i . . .

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